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President of LCARC

Scott’s Antenna Party

It took us a couple of days to take down Scott’s antenna and put it back up. All three of his guy wires were tangled in the trees. Once down we put on a new antenna rotator. It went back up without any problem. Here are some photos:

Class for General offered starting Thursday February 15

February 15, 2018 at 7 PM will be the first of a 10 to 12 week course to earn your general class license. It will be held in Willy Mortimer’s Barn at 455 SE Scenic Loop, Newport. You will not only be able to pass your test at the end of the course, but, you will understand amateur radio. The class is free, however, you will need to purchase a $22.50 book. Come with expectations of a fun and exciting adventure into ham radio. Please contact Joe Joncas WA7MHB, Jon Sumpter AC7CD, or Chuck Gerttula KF7WZV your instructors for the course.

VHF Contest Saturday – Sunday January 24, 25

The ARRL VHF contest is this coming Saturday and Sunday. We have an opportunity to help out a rover station that will be passing through on Sunday. Following is their email with the schedule. Listen on 146.58 simplex and be ready to QSY to other frequencies that they list. Don’t worry if you only have one or two frequencies. Remember most of us are in grid square CN74. See the map below. This will be fun!

Hi Joe –

You had talked with Darryl-WW7D about him coming to the coast with his rover airplane sometime. Well, he’ll be doing his regular driving rove this this coming up weekend and won’t be making it that far south, but Rachel-K7NIT and I will be roving your way on Sunday. She’ll be operating and signing K7NIT/rover and I’ll be driving.

If you could let folks in the area know about the contest and our interest in working as many folks as possible on as many bands in as many different grid squares – that would be great. We expect to be there from about  about 3:30pm to 5:00pm on Sunday.

We’ll be on 146.58-FM simplex and would also be glad to work anyone on 432.25-FM also if they only have FM and two bands. We’ll be monitoring 223.5-FM too, but that’s a bit rare, and could do 50.325-FM also. Every band counts! (Note that 146.52 can’t be used for the contest – we can’t call or answer there.)Otherwise 50.125-SSB, 144.200-SSB, and 432.1-SSB would be the go to frequencies for anyone that can do SSB. We’ll also have 927.5-FM and 1296-FM+SSB – working every band possible would be great.The exchange is callsign and gridsquare and we can work anyone again on all bands that moves to a different grid square or when we move to a different grid square. It could be exceedingly complicated – there’s no need to go hog wild as we can’t stay in town too long, but if people want to work us from home or from their cars – great. They just need to know their grid and the frequencies to find us.

I’ve attached a map that will help. A GPS set to show Lat/Lon could help too – the gridsquares break on 45 degrees latitude and 124 degrees longitude. Some will even show the Maidenhead Grid directly.Once the contest starts all our coordination will need to use ham radio communications but if you have questions or ideas between now and Saturday morning, let me know. Otherwise we hope to find a few of you on 146.58 to start as we pull into town on Sunday afternoon.
Lincoln City Gridsquares
[The above map is northern Lincoln City with grid square CN74 in the bottom left corner. The will attempt to work from all four grid squares. Joe]
Here is their schedule:
Thanks Joe –

Our plan is to head down to Eugene, then over to Florence, and then up the coast to Lincoln City. We sure like to work anyone as we pass by – Newport would be perfect as we could be in town in CN74 and then head a few miles up Highway 20 into CN84 and work folks all over again. We should be passing through Newport around 230pm. Here’s our “hoped for” Sunday schedule:
8:00 AM CN85 Transit to CN83 In-motion
10:00 AM 11:00 AM CN83 CN83 off I-5 Stationary 43.996 -123.010 500 feet
11:00 AM CN73 83 Transit to Florence In-motion
12:30 PM 1:30 PM CN73 Florence Stationary 43.956 -124.075 741 feet
1:30 PM CN74 Transit to Lincoln City In-motion
3:30 PM 5:00 PM CN74 84 75 85 Lincoln City Stationary Near 45.0 -123.0 ~50 feet
5:00 PM CN74 Transit to Mt. Scott In-motion
7:30 PM 8:00 PM CN85 Mt. Scott Stationary 45.455  -122.551 1096 feet
Thanks for your help with this – should be fun for all!
Rachel-K7NIT/r operator

August Club Meeting


This Tuesday (8/12/14) meeting will be a swap meet and it will start at 6 PM. We will hold our business meeting at 7 PM.
We have a lot of equipment from John Wilson’s estate. John made it clear to both Barry and I that he wanted his transceivers to be used by the club to loan to people who are in need. We will have that equipment on display. We will also have a number of items that can be sold. There will also be a lot of free items like cables, etc.
I will also be bringing a number of items to sell or trade. Vern Anderson W7WH will be bringing lots of stuff.
What can you bring?
Let’s have some fun!


Joe Joncas WA7MHB
Lincoln County Radio Amateur Club President

Saturday Work Project – “Hambulance”

This saturday (4/12/14) at 10 AM we will be working on the “hambulance.” Location is at my place following the license testing. Don’t forget breakfast at Newport Cafe at 8 AM. Here are a few of the things we will be doing:

  • Antenna tuner – Wire and test
  • Tri-band Antenna
  • Sirens & Lights
  • Latches for back panel
  • Passenger door
  • LED light at operating position
  • Mount equipment
  • more

Field Day Preparation – April Meeting

Tuesday 4/8/14 at 6 PM we will be loading our computers with the ARRL Field Day Contest Log. We will then load in our pertinent information and network the computers to a server. If you can bring a computer for use in Field Day. It needs to have Windows XP, 7, or 8 operating systems and we would prefer laptops with good batteries. If you know how to set up a user, please set one up for “Field Day Operator” or just “Guest” with limited access. Otherwise, we will have someone else do it for you.

Field Day is our biggest event of the year. We always have lots of fun! All kinds of help is needed and anyone can. So come prepared to sign up.

March Club Meeting

Hello Everyone,

This month we will start at 6 PM with the ACS meeting. Daron Wilson will be presiding.

At 7 PM we will start our regular club meeting. We will again break up into groups with the normal Field Day and Hand Held groups. However, our third group will be a demonstration of the Buddipole system. Both Daron and Barb will be bringing theirs. We will try a 30 minute time period this month. Following the demonstration we will take down the antennas, bring them in and show the whole group how they are used. We will be using at least two of these on Field Day this year.

To preview the Buddipole go to

While here please check out the rest of the website.

CU there, Joe


This month we are going to be working on feed line connectors. We will learn how to solder a PL-259 and how to attach other connectors at the 6 PM meeting. During the regular 7 PM meeting we will be breaking up into groups again. There will be 3 groups: ARRL Field Day – Chuck, hand held radios – Michael E., and feed lines (RG-8, RG-8X, LMR-400, 450 ohm ladder line, etc) – Joe.

The leadership is working hard to make the club meetings an enjoyable experience for all of us. Part of the effort involves streamlining the business meeting. Much of the club business can and should be handled by the officers you elected. We will report at each meeting on any action taken by the Board, and provide a time for members to voice their opinions and bring up issues that need to be addressed. When decisions need to be made by the membership, we will do our best to bring you clear options.

Please take the time to read our bylaws:


A Few Thoughts About This Year – 2013

I’ve been thinking about what has happened this year. One, I think we have had a lot of fun. We have recruited and trained (thanks mainly to Michael Eastman) several new hams. Most of us now know how to program our HT’s! We have prepared and applied for the 501 (c) 3 non-profit status with the IRS – thank you Doug, Carol, and Bill. We have created this new website which we have already had several very positive comments – thanks Michael. We now have a “hambulance” which is 90% ready. Thanks to Willie for getting it donated and Greg, John C. (SK), John W, for working on it. It now runs well, has a VHF and UHF rig, an Icom IC 706 MK II HF/VHF/UHF rig. We have a crankup tower and small tri-band antenna plus a lot more. And best of all, Field Day was great! Thank you Chuck for arranging everything. Also, thanks to everyone who helped including; Carol, Barb, John W., Barry, Scott, Willie, Larry, and everyone else I can’t think of right now. We had fun!

We have also lost seven amateurs in the last year. It breaks my heart to lose so many friends. But, it helps knowing that several of them are with Jesus. It seems like our ranks are shrinking, but we know that overall we have more hams now then ever. Our county, though, is made up mostly of us old fogies who are going to join the other seven in a few years. We need new young recruits. Several of us have a strong desire to have a Youth Program. We have talked about it extensively over this last year. We have a lot of ideas but little action has taken place. We are looking for ideas. Please contact Michael E. or Joe J. with comments or if you would like to help.

“I have a dream!” I think that statement has become a bit of a cliche. But, I do have the dream that we will soon have an Amateur Club House. We have equipment spread out over Jim’s house, Joe’s place, Willie’s and Carols houses. I don’t have the room!!! We need a place for all this stuff, and an operating station for us and youth. Every time I think of it big dollar signs pass by my eyes. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With our 501 ( c) 3 some one might donate a place to us. The city or county may have room somewhere that we can use. There are all kinds of possibilities. Do you have any ideas. Please let Joe J. or Michael E. know.

Help us make this website work. Please send your ideas to Michael or me.