Monthly Archives: February 2014


This month we are going to be working on feed line connectors. We will learn how to solder a PL-259 and how to attach other connectors at the 6 PM meeting. During the regular 7 PM meeting we will be breaking up into groups again. There will be 3 groups: ARRL Field Day – Chuck, hand held radios – Michael E., and feed lines (RG-8, RG-8X, LMR-400, 450 ohm ladder line, etc) – Joe.

The leadership is working hard to make the club meetings an enjoyable experience for all of us. Part of the effort involves streamlining the business meeting. Much of the club business can and should be handled by the officers you elected. We will report at each meeting on any action taken by the Board, and provide a time for members to voice their opinions and bring up issues that need to be addressed. When decisions need to be made by the membership, we will do our best to bring you clear options.

Please take the time to read our bylaws: