Monthly Archives: April 2014

Saturday Work Project – “Hambulance”

This saturday (4/12/14) at 10 AM we will be working on the “hambulance.” Location is at my place following the license testing. Don’t forget breakfast at Newport Cafe at 8 AM. Here are a few of the things we will be doing:

  • Antenna tuner – Wire and test
  • Tri-band Antenna
  • Sirens & Lights
  • Latches for back panel
  • Passenger door
  • LED light at operating position
  • Mount equipment
  • more

Field Day Preparation – April Meeting

Tuesday 4/8/14 at 6 PM we will be loading our computers with the ARRL Field Day Contest Log. We will then load in our pertinent information and network the computers to a server. If you can bring a computer for use in Field Day. It needs to have Windows XP, 7, or 8 operating systems and we would prefer laptops with good batteries. If you know how to set up a user, please set one up for “Field Day Operator” or just “Guest” with limited access. Otherwise, we will have someone else do it for you.

Field Day is our biggest event of the year. We always have lots of fun! All kinds of help is needed and anyone can. So come prepared to sign up.