Monthly Archives: March 2018

Changes to Local Repeaters

Update: No change to the tone on 145.370 yet. Sometimes things take a little longer than anticipated. We now have a link to a document listing local repeaters and other frequencies, under the “Documents”  tab here on the LCARC website.

Recently the Club purchased a Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X for the 147.300 repeater. The repeater is set in Automatic Mode Select (AMS), so it can be used in either YSF digital or FM modes. For FM use, set to Tone Squelch 156.7. The use of Tone Squelch is to prevent FM users from having to listen to the digital noise. There is no “tail’ on the repeater.

Several improvements are being made to the 145.370 (ACS) repeater. The tone will change very soon to 156.7, and eventually the same tone will be added to the output, so you can use Tone Squelch if desired.