Monthly Archives: April 2020

Zoom Meetings

Here’s a tutorial for joining a Zoom meeting.

See below for a new link for this week’s Zoom Pie meetup at 2 pm Wednesday!

Here are two versions of the NEW link:
This was my first foray into Bitly, to shorten up the link. They even let me customize it! If the short link doesn’t work, try the long one.

I have set up the meeting to require you to register, but once registered you should be able to use the link again the following Wednesdays without doing anything more. No password, no waiting room. Registration is the only security layer, but should be enough for this group

FT-3D User Training

This class filled in less than 24 hours. They may decide to offer another class. Stay tuned.

ANNOUNCEMENT – FT-3D User Training – Sat. May 2nd, 2020

Do you want to get to know your FT-3D a little bit better? Do you want to learn how to use more features of your FT-3D? Do you have an FT-3DR and want to learn how to use it? If you answered yes to any of these questions or would like a general overview, then you need to tune into the webinar.

This webinar will take place on Saturday May 2nd, 2020 for one session only. The time of this webinar will be: Eastern – 1pm, Central – 12pm, Mountain – 11am, Pacific – 10am. Registration is limited and you can register for the webinar at:

A Day of Fusion

A message from John Kruk, Yaesu USA:

A day of Fusion…145.5625 Mhz on 4/25/2020

After the webinar last week many have asked about how we can start to promote and use 145.5625 Mhz to make contacts on the frequency. So….what are you doing next Saturday?

Next weekend, Saturday April 25th, all day let us use 145.5625 Mhz and make/log contacts. Use simplex or WiRES-X but make sure that it is on 145.5625 Mhz (in this case repeaters would be out for usage). If you use Group Monitor (GM) make sure to use DG-ID 00.

Now to make it fun let us talk about how we can confirm exchanges with each other (and this is really good practice for DP-ID registraiton). Practice the exchange by making contact with others and exchanging your DP-ID with their DP-ID and mark the time.

Do not underestimate the distance that simplex can reach as well as a digital signal on simplex. Let us work to establish this as the Fusion frequency.