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Winter Field Day – N7OY

We need everyone who can possibly participate to do this ‘simplex exercise’ at 11am on Saturday.  It’s our part of Winter Field day that everyone can do.  Get on 146.580, exchange your information and log the contact, and see if you can make another contact.  

Here are your options: 

1.       N7OY Club station – attached is the document with a rough schedule and placeholders for the people that have committed to being there.  As you can see, we have room for a few more people, and Sunday morning we could use a couple more.  We have one spare bedroom at the rental house if anyone else wants to stay up late and make contacts and sleep over.  We should have an HF voice station, an HF digital capable station with laptop and programs on it, and a VHF station on 146.5800.  It’s not too late, if you think you might want to come join us in Newport please email directly daron@wilson.organd let me know times and I’ll update the schedule.

2.       Mobile…ish – one feature of the rules is that you can operate mobile with your callsign and have your points go the club as well.  You operate using your callsign, your exchange is simply 1O for outdoor, OR for Oregon.  So an exchange would go like this:               

  • “CQ Winter Field Day, CQ Winter Field Day, this is N7HQR”  
  • “N7HQR this is KD7YGN”  
  • “KD7YGN this is N7HQR please copy One Oscar Oregon”
  • “N7HQR this is KD7YGN please copy One Oscar Oregon”
  • “Thanks and good luck”

Now…that contact is worth one point.  But, you were on battery power, so you get an extra 1500 bonus points for being on battery power! But wait, there’s more.  You were also ‘outdoor’ so you get another 1500 bonus points.  But wait, there is even more!  Since you are NOT operating from ‘home’ you get another 1500 bonus points!  So you have 4500 bonus points, now you made one contact so that is one more point, and if you kept your transmitter power under 10 watts that is a multiplier of 4 so the one contact point becomes 4 points.

3.       Home – again you can operate at home and have your points contribute to the club as well.  So without leaving the house, you can simply put your radio on 146.580 at 11am on Saturday and call CQ Winter Field Day!.  You can still get 1500 bonus  points if you are on battery, one point for each contact, and 4 points for each contact if you are using less than 10 watts. Attached is a spreadsheet that you can fill out with the required details for Winter Field Day.  If you make a couple contacts, that really helps us, and I will take the information you entered on the spreadsheet and complete the log in the correct format for you so you don’t have to bother with that.  Don’t worry about the points, I’ll enter that in the software and tally it all up. If you decide to participate more and want to use one of the computer logging programs, please work with me when you are done so we are sure to get the details correct and can get the points. Hope you can participate, please let me know if you have questions, we’ll be on the air as N7OY at 11am on Saturday on 146.580. 

Description Document with Schedule and Zoom address: Map and address to the house are here:

ZOOM Information:

Meeting ID: 869 4818 1687   Passcode: 594930