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KG7EAB: Thanks for a great year

I am writing to thank all of our local stations for all of the friendship, laughs, information and technical help. Today marks just about one year since I found my way back into amateur radio.  I am amazed at how much I have learned and how much fun it has been for the last 12 months.

When I originally received my Technician and then General ticket back in June of 2013, my shack had only a few pieces of equipment. A power supply, FT-2900 (as a base VHF radio), FT-60, Baofeng UV-5RE and a Kenwood TS-590S.

I did a lot of VHF, but never did get an HF antenna installed before life kept me too busy for HAM (late 2014 – 2019).  I am so happy that I set my shack up again in February 2020 anticipating that I would have a lot more time when I retired June 30, 2020. 

And what a year it has been – VHF, HF, APRS, WinLink, DSTAR, Fusion, CW and more. And great groups too – LCARC and ACS.

This is a picture of my shack today. It needs a clean up because I have had so many interests going on at once. Some stations may notice that I need to complete my station grounding.

So again, thank you to all of those that have provided amazing help. And that you to all stations that have participated in our various nets. I do not even know what some of you look like so I am looking forward to when we can get back to safely getting together in person.
73 all

N8MFE Antenna Project

Testing a home brew 70cc antenna. Location is Crestview above Waldport. Radio Yaesu FTM 7250D at high power (50 watts).  Attempting to contact 440 repeaters on Mt. Hebo, Mary’s Peak and Florence. One success: 440.900 on Mt. Hebo, a linked repeater. A station in Coos Bay came back with a sound  check. Intention is to mount antenna at home shack. Antenna made locally by expert antenna builder, Brian Jones, using as the horizonal mast a bamboo section (!), light, non-conducting and impervious to coastal weather. Other materials: copper directors, wood, etc.

Charlie N8MFE