VHF Contest Saturday – Sunday January 24, 25

The ARRL VHF contest is this coming Saturday and Sunday. We have an opportunity to help out a rover station that will be passing through on Sunday. Following is their email with the schedule. Listen on 146.58 simplex and be ready to QSY to other frequencies that they list. Don’t worry if you only have one or two frequencies. Remember most of us are in grid square CN74. See the map below. This will be fun!

Hi Joe –

You had talked with Darryl-WW7D about him coming to the coast with his rover airplane sometime. Well, he’ll be doing his regular driving rove this this coming up weekend and won’t be making it that far south, but Rachel-K7NIT and I will be roving your way on Sunday. She’ll be operating and signing K7NIT/rover and I’ll be driving.

If you could let folks in the area know about the contest and our interest in working as many folks as possible on as many bands in as many different grid squares – that would be great. We expect to be there from about  about 3:30pm to 5:00pm on Sunday.

We’ll be on 146.58-FM simplex and would also be glad to work anyone on 432.25-FM also if they only have FM and two bands. We’ll be monitoring 223.5-FM too, but that’s a bit rare, and could do 50.325-FM also. Every band counts! (Note that 146.52 can’t be used for the contest – we can’t call or answer there.)Otherwise 50.125-SSB, 144.200-SSB, and 432.1-SSB would be the go to frequencies for anyone that can do SSB. We’ll also have 927.5-FM and 1296-FM+SSB – working every band possible would be great.The exchange is callsign and gridsquare and we can work anyone again on all bands that moves to a different grid square or when we move to a different grid square. It could be exceedingly complicated – there’s no need to go hog wild as we can’t stay in town too long, but if people want to work us from home or from their cars – great. They just need to know their grid and the frequencies to find us.

I’ve attached a map that will help. A GPS set to show Lat/Lon could help too – the gridsquares break on 45 degrees latitude and 124 degrees longitude. Some will even show the Maidenhead Grid directly.Once the contest starts all our coordination will need to use ham radio communications but if you have questions or ideas between now and Saturday morning, let me know. Otherwise we hope to find a few of you on 146.58 to start as we pull into town on Sunday afternoon.
Lincoln City Gridsquares
[The above map is northern Lincoln City with grid square CN74 in the bottom left corner. The will attempt to work from all four grid squares. Joe]
Here is their schedule:
Thanks Joe –

Our plan is to head down to Eugene, then over to Florence, and then up the coast to Lincoln City. We sure like to work anyone as we pass by – Newport would be perfect as we could be in town in CN74 and then head a few miles up Highway 20 into CN84 and work folks all over again. We should be passing through Newport around 230pm. Here’s our “hoped for” Sunday schedule:
8:00 AM CN85 Transit to CN83 In-motion
10:00 AM 11:00 AM CN83 CN83 off I-5 Stationary 43.996 -123.010 500 feet
11:00 AM CN73 83 Transit to Florence In-motion
12:30 PM 1:30 PM CN73 Florence Stationary 43.956 -124.075 741 feet
1:30 PM CN74 Transit to Lincoln City In-motion
3:30 PM 5:00 PM CN74 84 75 85 Lincoln City Stationary Near 45.0 -123.0 ~50 feet
5:00 PM CN74 Transit to Mt. Scott In-motion
7:30 PM 8:00 PM CN85 Mt. Scott Stationary 45.455  -122.551 1096 feet
Thanks for your help with this – should be fun for all!
Rachel-K7NIT/r operator

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